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Welcome to the Vital Hotel an der Therme

Directly next to the Franken-Therme Bad Windsheim, our hotel garni, opened in February 2016, has created a new refuge for relaxation and enjoyment. The hotel is connected to the Franken-Therme by a bathrobe corridor.

87 modern and high-quality rooms, our attention to detail for our guests can be felt. Warm natural tones, a harmonious décor with light wood and large panoramic windows, which leave plenty of natural light in the rooms, create a comfortable atmosphere to feel good.

Four different room categories are available to our guests:

Our Classic rooms for business meetings or meetings and trade fairs

Prices 2023:

93,00 € double room for single use 
175,00 € double room

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Our comfort rooms for the wellness weekend for two

Prices 2023:

93,00 € double room for single use 
175,00 € double room

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Our panorama rooms for the wellness weekend for two

Prices 2023:

99,00 € double room for single use 
185,00 € double room

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Our "Zirben" wood room for the wellness weekend for two

Prices 2023:

145,00 € double room for single use 
249,00 € double room

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Our superior rooms for those who like something more generous and families with children (choose between bathtub or experience shower)

Prices 2023:

128,00 € double room for single use 
209,00 € double room 

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Our barrier-free rooms on the ground floor for mobility-impaired guests (Wheelchair accessible shower)

Prices 2023:

125,00 € double room for single use 
209,00 € double room

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Children between 0-6 years: free
Children between 7-11 years: 34,50€ per Night
Children between 12-16 years: 44,50 per Night  

All the room prices include breakfast.

Please note that we do not have a restaurant in the hotel. Small meals, such as Vespers and Tarte Flambée, are served daily breakfast from 6:00 am to 9:30 pm at our hotel bar. 

If you would like to book one of our packages or special offers please contact us.

The availability of your reserved room starts at 2pm /14 o’clock on the arrival date. On the departure date, we would like you to leave your room until 11am/ 11 o’clock.

For reservations of more than 2 nights, we can offer you, on sundays only, the Late-Check-Out which lasts until 6pm/ 18 o’clock (Not possible for Sundays followed by a holiday or bank holiday!). Please inform our receptionists if you would like to make use of the Late-Check-Out.

W-LAN in all rooms and public areas is included during your stay, as is the bottle of water in your room or the bathing bag with bathrobe and a sauna towel for the “Franken-Therme” visit.


By car

From the A7 highway, exit at the "Bad Windsheim" exit and follow the B470, which passes directly to Bad Windsheim.
The “Vital Hotel an der Therme” is signposted within the framework of the hotel signposts. Our hotel parking spots are available directly at the “Vital Hotel an der Therme”.


By public transport

You can reach the Bad Windsheimer train station for example, from Würzburg, Nuremberg or Ansbach by train, you can reach the “Vital Hotel an der Therme” by taking a 10-minute walk through an idyllic footpath through the park. Follow the signs to the Franken-Therme Bad Windsheim, the Vital Hotel is located directly behind the spa. 


Breakfast and half board

We are a Hotel Garni, that means we only offer bed and breakfast. Our breakfast starts at 6:30 am until 10:30 am. On the weekends and holidays it starts at 7 am until 11:30 am. Our breakfast times may vary during Corona, for mor information please ask the reception.

If you want the half board it would cost 25,00 € per Person and day. You could choose between two restaurants (not even 5 minutes away by foot) the „SalZa“ and the „Genusswerk“ and have a two course meal from the menu plus a hot drink.



We only allow dogs in our hotel, which are trained. You will get a room on the ground-floor to avoid getting anybody with allergies in these room. (per night 15€ and groundcleaning 25€ once)

The "Franken-Therme"

The “Franken -Therme” provides you with 17 500 squaremeters of a pure wellness experience that is one of a kind. The four thermal natural brine pools, indoors as well as outdoors, consist of a brine concentration of 1,5% to 12%. In addition, they offer some water attractions and daily water gymnastics that take place every 2 hours in order to provide a relieving exercise in the well tempered brine.

A highlight of the “Franken-Therme” is definitely the 750 squaremeter large brine lake, the so called “Franconian Dead Sea”. Covered by a transparent dome, it is all-season tempered and consists of a salt concentration of 26,9%. It offers you a complete floating experience with a panoramic view at the same time. The floating makes you feel relief in your muscles and joints and at the same time it relaxes your spirit and soul.

Eight different saunas, including a real Finish sauna, a Swiss stone pine sauna and a “Brechelbad” wait for your visit in the versatile designed sauna area. The panorama sauna and the chimney sauna commemorate several infusions per day. In order to cool down again after visiting the saunas, you can chose between the snow sauna, a diving pool and a refreshment pool filled with 12°C cold water, located in the sauna garden area.

To complete your wellness experience, you can choose several individual wellness applications in the versatile spa area. There you will find a seperate relaxing room and also  several garden atriums. The well-prepared spa applications consist not just of simple massages but also of cosmetic applications or special ceremonies like the “Silvaner Milchbad”, a bath in a combination of whine and milk filled into a special bathtub.



The "Bademantelgang"

As already mentioned before, the “Vital Hotel” has direct access to the “Franken-Therme”. The at-grade walk can be found on the ground floor, at the end of the corridor. It is also signposted in the hotel.

At the entrance, you will find a turnstile which leads into the walk. To pass the turnstile correctly, just hold your transponder bracelet on the highlighted field on the left side of the turnstile. After this procedure, you will see a green light an may pass the turnstile.

Guests that are in need of a wheelchair or a walking frame, can use a door, which is next to the turnstile. This door can be opend by the receptionists.

More over, you can find a bell at the turnstile which can be rang in case of any disturbance with the transponder bracelet or if you need a receptionist to open the door.

Your time of residency in the “Franken-Therme” starts with the passing of the turnstile and also ends the same way. Your special advantage as a guest of our hotel is that you can interrupt your residency in the “Franken-Therme” at any time. So whenever you decide to leave the thermal bath, your residency time stops by passing through the turnstile in direction to the hotel. You can get back into the thermal bath at any time you want, and the residency time counts again by passing the turnstile in direction to the thermal bath. This advantage is only working on the day of your residency in the thermal bath. If you want to return to the “Franken-Therme” on any other day, the basic charge is again charged on your bill.

Opening Hours:

The thermal pool area is open daily from 9 am /9 o’clock until 10pm/ 22 o’clock.

The sauna area and the spa area are open daily from 10 am / 10 o’clock until 10pm/ 22 o’clock.

Restricted opening hours for Christmas, New Years Eve and New Years Day.

Entrance Card to the "Franken-Therme"

Your entrance card into the thermal bath is a transponder bracelet. This bracelet can be acquired at our reception. This transponder not just allows you to visit the thermal pools but all the other offers as well. The payment will be done cashless and is just added to your transponder. At the end of your residency, all your visited areas, the basic charge and the wellness applications will be added to your residency bill of the hotel, in the evening of your visit. Due to this process, it isabsolutely important to remember to hand the transponder bracelet back to the reception on the same day you acquired it.

As soon as you pass the turnstile with your transponder bracelet, the basic charge of  10,00 € 
(this includes 2,5 hours in the thermal baths with a discounted price) will be added to your transponder. All other activities, for example the usage of the Salt Lake, the usage of wellness applications or an extension of bathing time are added to your transponder in the “Franken-Therme”. The visit in the sauna area or the food and drinks in the restaurant can also be paid cashless, with your transponder.

Wellness Applications in the "Franken-Therme"

Please remember to set reservations for a wellness application in time. The wellness reception can be reached by telephone: 0 98 41 – 40 30 0. The hotel reception is also able to set a reservation for you. An overview of all the massages, wellness applications, cosmetic services and manicures or pedicures can be found in the “Wellness- und Kosmetik Fibel” which is laid open to the public at our hotel reception.


Please consider that children under the age of 6 are not allowed to enter the areas of the “Franken-Therme”.